December 8, 2021

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Reader waits 9 months for refund on canceled Lufthansa flight | Travel Troubleshooter

When Lufthansa cancels Michelle Alexander’s flight from Prague to Los Angeles, it claims her a whole refund. 9 months later, she even now doesn’t have the funds.

Q:  Final yr, I booked airline tickets from Prague to Los Angeles as a result of SkyLux, an on line ticket broker. Soon after Lufthansa canceled my flight at the very last moment, a SkyLux agent promised that the business experienced refunded my dollars but that I wanted to shell out for a new ticket. 

The cash has not been refunded. I paid for two tickets. The 2nd just one, pointless to say, was additional high priced than the initial. 

I have been contacting and emailing for nine months inquiring to be refunded, nonetheless almost nothing! When I asked for a manager, they would not give me everyone else to converse with aside from the unique reserving agent. Can you assistance me get a refund? — Michelle Alexander, Los Angeles, California

A: I’m sorry that SkyLux didn’t refund your ticket as promised. It is hard to explain the chaos that followed the COVID-19 pandemic. Airlines canceled flights. Travel companies attempted to rebook the tickets or protected refunds. The situation remaining buyers confused and irritated.

Nine months is way much too lengthy to wait for a refund, of system. It seems to be as if Lufthansa sent your refund to SkyLux. But somehow, the income didn’t make it to you. Then you contacted the on the web ticket broker, and there was some confusion about who experienced the funds. Eventually, you resolved to dispute your fees less than the Good Credit score Billing Act. SkyLux fought the dispute and gained.

So what is heading on right here? Initial, it appears to be like the on the web agency and your airline received their wires crossed. No just one understood who had your cash. For the record, when an airline cancels your flight, you’re owed a complete refund within 7 organization times. Lufthansa should really have sent the refund to your agent, and your agent would have forwarded the money to you.

The wheels turned slowly and gradually right after the outbreak. The force of hundreds of countless numbers of refunds manufactured the gears of the airline refund device grind to a halt. Absolutely, some unscrupulous businesses used the pandemic as an excuse to maintain your funds, supplying them an curiosity-totally free microloan. But most companies have been just confused. 

Your credit rating card dispute did not support, regrettably. The dispute is a very last vacation resort when all negotiations and appeals have unsuccessful. And feel it or not, SkyLux was however performing on your refund request. So when it acquired your chargeback, it fought the chargeback and won. 

Ahead of the dispute, you may possibly have appealed to a manager at SkyLux. I publish the names, figures and email addresses of the consumer services professionals at SkyLux on my shopper advocacy internet site,

It seems to be as if your credit rating card organization tried out to get in touch with SkyLux, but it did not usually react (apart from to dispute the costs). I locate it odd that your credit card issuer would side with the ticket broker, anyway. It may have completed so mainly because you were past the 60-day limit to dispute your expenses. But a financial institution could continue to pick out to help you underneath specific conditions.

Also, it appears to be like like Lufthansa charged you a $250 cancellation charge even however the airline canceled your flight. I’d like to think that was a pandemic error, also.

I contacted SkyLux, and it despatched you a complete refund.